Announcing Intersect 2019 – The Global Library

On behalf of the Western New York Library Resources Council, we here at Intersect would like to thank everybody who made Intersect 2018: Where Ideas and People Meet! a success!  It was awesome to see such great ideas, creativity and support for a new conference for the library workers of Western NY, and we are excited to announce the beginning of Round One (Idea Submission) for Intersect 2019: The Global Library! It will be held on October 4th, 2019, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Buffalo, NY.

The Global Library was a theme suggested anonymously by one of our 2018 attendees, and the committee overwhelmingly approved of this suggestion.  There are many ways to interpret what is meant by “global library,” and we want to see your ideas for what this wide-reaching term can encompass.  

We are starting the planning process right away! So please get involved using any of the options below…


How to Get Involved 

Submit a Presentation Idea! 

The WNYLRC Continuing Education Committee is looking for ideas for workshop sessions, poster sessions, lightning talks, pecha kucha, discussion roundtables, breakout sessions, interactive panel discussions, technology demonstrations, presentations in interesting new formats, and/or anything else that you'd like to experience at this year’s unconference.

The Global Library can mean so many different things in the library context, and we want to hear your ideas and suggestions of what this concept means to you. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1.      The literal global library - What are some inspirations that can be taken from libraries abroad?  What could we learn from our neighbors overseas?  How can libraries better help each other today?  What does a cross-cultural library look like?
  2.      The technological global library - How will the Internet and technology serve libraries in collaborative efforts?  Can the ‘digital divide’ ever be bridged?  What will the future of digitization look like?  Access to information should be global, what are the impediments?
  3.      The global library at home - The library means ‘the world’ to many of its patrons, how can we make that world a better place?  The library is a window to the world to many people, what can be done to open that window wider?  How can libraries in the US better serve international students and patrons?  
  4.      The global librarian - How can we better collaborate with librarians across different cultures and from different countries?  How can librarianship better encourage diversity across the profession? 
  5.      The global library of the future - What do you think the next several decades will be like for librarianship in terms of collaboration, communication, and information sharing?  With so much change in process currently, and more on the horizon, what do you think librarianship will look like in 20 years?  What about 50 years?
  6.      Beyond the global library - What issues are ‘globally’ facing all libraries, and what solutions can we pose?  What are some universal truths about libraries and librarianship?  What impact will climate change and global warming have on the future of libraries?

In short, The Global Library can mean a lot of things; we want to see what your thoughts are, and what the theme means to you.  Feel free to use one of these questions as inspiration, or to draw your own ideas for inspiration!  Please submit your ideas on our Tricider page.

Vote and/or Comment on Ideas!

If you aren’t interested in presenting yourself, you can still get involved in the planning process to make this unconference the best ever! Please visit our Tricider page to vote for your favorite ideas or post your support, concerns, or suggestions for enhancing an idea. We want to hear from all perspectives! Remember: the ideas with the most votes and interaction on the Tricider will move forward to Round Two of our proposal vetting process. So this is your chance to make sure your favorite ideas make it through.

Volunteer as a Peer Reviewer!

Once the top submissions have been established, the Continuing Education Committee will need assistance assessing formal conference proposals. This would be a temporary, short-term commitment of approximately one month or less, around May or June 2019. If you would be interested in volunteering as a peer reviewer, please contact Caitlin Kenney (ckenney@wnylrc.org) at any time to express your interest.


Important Dates (So Far)

Idea Submission: January - April 15
Voting on Idea Submissions Closes: April 30
Invitation to Round Two: May 5
Round Two Final Decisions: June 1
Intersect 2019: October 4, 2019 @ Hilton Garden Inn, Buffalo, NY


Contact Us!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mandi Shepp (loudmouthedlibrarian@gmail.com), Erin Weller (wellere@buffalolib.org), Caitlin Kenney (ckenney@wnylrc.org), or Heidi Ziemer (hziemer@wnylrc.org).