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Connect Claims USA 2021

The Worlds Largest Gathering for Claims Executives

Insurance has changed. Agile and innovative carriers have demonstrated that customers are responding to claims experiences that are engaging and personal. Now is the time to share, inspire and lead as we strive to support our customers and each other as we unlock the full potential of each and every claims organization.

Insurance Digital Distribution Conference China 2021

New Strategy, New Connection, New Growth

3rd China Insurance Digital & AI Development 2021

With the comprehensive arrival of the 14th Five-Year Plan of various industries, it is urgent to redefine the connotation of insurance technology and re-analyze the new characteristics of the insurance industry, especially in the past two years, the insurance industry has witnessed obvious characteristics of industry reform.

4th Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Conference 2021

4th Insurance Analytics and AI Innovation Congress & Insurance Innovator Awards China 2021 will explore the future of insurance and how data and AI driven business models are creating innovation across the sector. This must attend event, now back live in 2021, will discuss how data analytics and AI are transforming the insurance value chain. Understand who is leading the innovation race, how distribution models have changed post-pandemic, product and pricing insights, claims process developments, and much more.

Insurance Distribution and Channel Innovation Congress China 2021

The Insurance Distribution and Channel Innovation Congress China 2021 is a must-attend insurance marketing& distribution transformation and innovation annual gathering in China, focusing on the latest trends and practices in insurance distribution changes, personal line businesses, bancassurance, digital distribution, marketing technologies, intermediaries, new media, channel integration, customer-centricity, and more.

The Future of Insurance USA 2021

The Future of Insurance USA 2021 (June 22-24, Online) is where CEOs and C-level executives come together to redefine the future of insurance as we know it.

Providing you with strategies transform trends and risks into opportunity and improved customer experience. This is the only meeting in the world combining tech, innovation with a customer-driven agenda.

The time’s up for siloed thinking and siloed structures. Outdated products and clunky service are no longer acceptable.

The 9th China Insurance International Summit 2021

2021 is the first year of China's 14th Five-Year Plan. Under the circumstances of accelerating globalization and the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic, both the internal and external environment of China’s development are undergoing profound and complex changes. The China insurance industry is embracing many important strategic opportunities with great promise.


REUTERS NEXT (Jan 11-14) kicks off 2021 by gathering global leaders and forward thinkers to reimagine solutions to the challenges the new year brings.

No country, company or community can tackle the future alone. To build a better world, thinkers and doers must come together to share ideas, collaborate and act.

Insurance Innovation post COVID-19 Conference China 2021

Recover and Thrive in the New Normal: Insurance Transformation post COVID-19

The Insurance Innovation post COVID-19 Conference China 2021 is the largest gathering in China focusing on insurance transformation in the post COVID-19 era and will gather the whole industry players to explore the current and future impacts of COVID-19 and find the ways out for recovery and prosperity.

The Future of Insurance Europe

The Future of Insurance Europe (Nov 24-25, Online) is where CEOs and C-level executives from across European insurance markets, join forces to share ideas and realign strategies in order to build business resilience in this dynamic new commercial environment.